Chapter Leader

Chris Kunkel

I am the middle school math teacher and STEM coordinator for Hoboken Charter School. We do all kinds of STEMy things like LittleBits, Robotics, Coding and much more.

Member Inventions

The Flying Broom

We made a remote controled broom and put it on top of a box. The control is at the bottom of the box and we hold a controler in ou...

BitOlympic Boxing Game

This is a fun game where you and a friend each build a boxer and then battle. You try to hit your friend's target while protecting...


This is one of HCS's first inventions fresh after getting our first LittleBits kit last fall. It was made by two members of our Gi...

Birthday Challenge - Pin the Tail Game

Use a littleBit remote controlled robot to play Pin the Tail on the Donkey. Created By: Maya, Lucy, Alma, Sophie and Leila.

It's Hatching!

We plastered a dragon egg and put a 3D printed Norbert head inside to reenact Norbert the dragon hatching from the egg.

Birthday Confetti Cake

A cake that shoots confetti Created By: Grace and Emma

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