Chapter Leader


After 20 years selling technology in the corporate world, Miss Bell is excited to move into the world of education and Eagle County Charter Academy in particular. Watching students tinker with littleBits in my STEM class and Maker's club is so rewarding. Students have a blast with littleBits: t...more

Member Inventions

Happy Halloween disco Ball

A black card with a disco ball

Confetti Cannon 6B MZ KM AS TS

Fan blows confetti out of a tube

LittleBits Cupcake By 5A JH,TW,MH And MM

It's a cupcake with a candle that really blows out! It's the best cupcake that's not actually edible!

Birthday hats 6ab

Hats to celebrate Halloween & little bits birthday

The Car Confetti Canon. 5b MM AB TD SH

Are in invention is a confetti canon on a car that will move along the floor then it will shoot confetti out of the canon that has...

Disco Ball 5A CL JC BB OG

Happy Birthday disco ball on car

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