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After 20 years selling technology in the corporate world, Miss Bell is excited to move into the world of education and Eagle County Charter Academy in particular. Watching students tinker with littleBits in my STEM class and Maker's club is so rewarding. Students have a blast with littleBits: t...more

Member Inventions

Birthday Confetti Car 7B, CR, AO,GG,TR

When the car drives, the confetti can gets knocked over and confetti goes all over the place.

DancingLoner&ConfettiBlower7B SM AS LH PF

A little dude that dances to the song Happy Birthday. Also it blows confetti.

The Car Cannon 5B Mk Cs Lp, Jh

A car that spins shooting confetti.

BBirthday 7A CP WM PK LO JW

Birthday car that is like a parade float

Birthday Car Cannon 5B SV PS LO BA

Our invention is a car with a confetti cannon built on it. Our invention will drive out on the table and shoot confetti out.

Spinning Confetters Cupcakers 6A

Our invention is a spinning bright red sign that says happy 5th birthday. Next to it is a cupcake with "sprinkles and a candle" on...

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