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Member Inventions

#BitOlympics Challenge: Football by Fun Robotics, @littlebits

Welcome again ladies and gentlemen!This is the littlebits robotic soccer done by two cloud bits; one to read your leg's motion to ...

#BitOlympics Challenge: Track & Field Harry Potter theme by Fun Robotics, @littlebits

This is an ir throwing game with Quidditch theme! :DQuidditch is a competitive sport in the Wizarding World of the Harry Potter un...

littleBits bicycle

This is a motorized bicycle built using littleBits and LEGO parts.

littleBits mixer!

This is a mixer built using littleBits and LEGO pieces, watch the video:

Robotic Arm using littleBits and S4A!

This is the same robotic arm done using littleBits, but this time it is driven using Arduino UNO board and  Scratch! ^^The fi...


In this project we used Lego, dc motor, wires, fork, pulse, buzzer and button to move this ride.

Member Lessons

Solar energy using littleBits

In this lesson we will power the littleBits modules using solar panels.

Rube Goldberg Design Challenge

During this lesson the student will build a Rube Goldberg machine using crafts and littleBits. :)

Biology Class: Punnett Squares using littleBits

Using littleBits electronics to build a STEAM project that summarizes the concept of the genetic variations using Punnett Squares....

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