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Member Inventions

#BitOlympics Challenge: Downhill Skiing by Fun Robotics, @littlebits

Hello everybody! ^^What is going on?!This is a Downhill Skiing robot built by the amazing bits library along with LEGO parts and c...

littleBits robotic arm

This is a robotics arm built using littleBits and LEGO pieces, watch the video:


In this project we used Lego, dc motor, wires, fork, pulse, buzzer and button to move this ride.

#BitOlympics Challenge: Track & Field Harry Potter theme by Fun Robotics, @littlebits

This is an ir throwing game with Quidditch theme! :DQuidditch is a competitive sport in the Wizarding World of the Harry Potter un...

littleBits bicycle

This is a motorized bicycle built using littleBits and LEGO parts.

#BitOlympics Challenge: Football by Fun Robotics, @littlebits

Welcome again ladies and gentlemen!This is the littlebits robotic soccer done by two cloud bits; one to read your leg's motion to ...

Member Lessons

Biology Class: Punnett Squares using littleBits

Using littleBits electronics to build a STEAM project that summarizes the concept of the genetic variations using Punnett Squares....

Rube Goldberg Design Challenge

During this lesson the student will build a Rube Goldberg machine using crafts and littleBits. :)

Solar energy using littleBits

In this lesson we will power the littleBits modules using solar panels.

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