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Hi! I'm a Middle School STEM teacher who loves using littleBits. I'm passionate about learning, playing, and exploring and FUN! I want my students to enjoy what they're doing and littleBits allows them to do that. Recently I became a littleBits chapter leader and am excited to start doing the mon...more

Member Inventions

Nathaniel's LEGO City #bitify

My son has had an ever-changing LEGO City in the house for over a year.  He constantly updates and changes it as he goes alon...

Blue Rainbow Guitar

We were challenged to remix the guitar from the "Rock Star Guitar" lesson. We chose blue colors and a techy sound.

Ponisin Guitar

We remixed the Rock Star Guitar lesson to make a new guitar we call Ponisin. We got so excited that we forgot to video ourselves. ...

Moving Night Light

The Moving Night Light drives across the top of your book, with an LED illuminating your pages so you can read at night. We love o...

Light Up Safety Dog Tutu

We wanted to make something a dog could wear at night and still be safely seen. So we took a tutu and sweater my dog wears and add...

Banana Piano

This is a simple circuit. Power>MakeyMakeyBit>3Bananas and a Spoon Plus Scratch.I created a neat little Scratch program call...

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