Chapter Leader

Mi nombre es Eduardo González Carpena, soy informático programador desde hace 20 años. Soy amante de mi rama profesional y de la tecnología, estoy convencido de que son conocimientos imprescindibles para las generaciones futuras, es por eso que quería hacer algo que permitiese dar a conocer estas...more

Member Inventions


Must see ... so far it has advanced technology, and no one has invented something to remedy these heavy Nazarene procession tha...

Party of the light

Our dear boys have performed the perfect light party !!, with music, a lot of movement and lots of light

Flying Chairs

Fairground created with littleBits and K´nex.


the most powerfull vehicle littlebits universe twin engine, dual batery, dual speed,dual power

Scratch 2 Littlebits Android

LittleBits and scratch 2 control through Android


PIRATE SHIP, with the flag undulating

This chapter has no upcoming events right now.

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