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Member Inventions

#bitOlympics Tank race

A tow-wheeled racing chariot (like Ben hur). Powerful and fast chariot runs track on which many difference types of...

#bitOlympics teddy bear ice skater (곰돌이 아이스 스케이팅)

A teddy bear slide and turns around drawing  circles on a table. This is world first ice skating bear.

I'm your Weather caster!

Darth Vader, holding a miniature umbrella, tells you if it is rainy or clear outside, using his DARKFORCE. 다스베이더가 그의 다크포스로 밖에...

#bitOlympics Rhythmic Gymnastics : Club

Yeonjae Son, a well-known gymnastics player turns around while she pound on the floor with her clubs. This wonderful performance r...

#bitOlympics Snowman skier (눈사람 스키)

Minjoon an his daddy made snowman skiers. Popsicle sticks became ski boards, plastic straw became ski poles. I am sure these two s...

Rocket Launch

...5....4....3....2....1....push the button and blast off!

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