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Rocket Launch

...5....4....3....2....1....push the button and blast off!

#bitOlympics Tank race

A tow-wheeled racing chariot (like Ben hur). Powerful and fast chariot runs track on which many difference types of...

#bitOlympics Cycle Finish line sensor (싸이클 결승선 판독장치)

There are multiple number of cycles coming to the finish line. At the very moment when the first bicycle pass the final line, buzz...

#bitOlympics Marathoner (마라토너)

Four girls teamed up and made a marathoner with plastic straw, pipe cleaner and littleBits. Look how they made the knee out o...

#bitOlympics Olympics Torch (성화)

We may know if the olympic games are still on or ntural games are off.

#bitOlympics Rhythmic Gymnastics : Club

Yeonjae Son, a well-known gymnastics player turns around while she pound on the floor with her clubs. This wonderful performance r...

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