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I have been a special education teacher for 28 years within District 75 of the NYC Dep’t of Education. D75 is a citywide district serving students with the most severe disabilities ranging from  Emotional Disabilities, Autism, Developmental and Multiple Disabilities. I have been a coach/staff dev...more

Member Inventions

An Accessible Toy

Essential Question: Can we design a robotic toy that all children can interact with? Can the toy be accessible for children t...

littleBits 5th Birthday "Party Train"

If you can't see YouTube at school, go to the Vimeo site.<click here littleBits  5th Birthday “Party Train&rdqu...

littleBits Caterpillar, S. Bakal - Science Teacher

Encompassing science and literacy, this very cute and hungry caterpillar can be an extension to your Lifecycle of the Butterfly le...

Member Lessons

Women and The Right to Vote; C. Valentin - Teacher

Students learn about the right to vote and the women's suffrage movement.  Students practice voting using the voting booth th...

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