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We are Pier and Alayna, two nerds who love building new projects integrating Sounds and Visuals. Under the name Curiosibot, we create musical and artistic projects for performances and for other artists.

Member Inventions

Little Bits Ensemble - Berklee Valencia Makers Lab

In the Berklee Valencia Maker Lab, our students were assigned to create an instrument using any of the bits provided.http://www.yo...

ROBO-FRANK #HackHalloween

3d printed frankenstein robot delivers candy to you!View video here:

Little Bits Valencia Chapter BitOlympics 2015 'Bicycle Lazer Tag' #BitOlympics

Each player has a mini remote Each bike has an ir sensor on the seatUsing a mini remote from an electronics store is most eff...

Basic Arduino Synth Tone Sequencer

This will output of the arduino bit to a speaker. It plays tones based on frequencies, not note numbers. You can input your own me...

Spooky motion sense spiders #hackhalloween

Spiders that move when they sense you around!EL wire is connected at the end of the circuit and placed behind the cobwebs for adde...

Little Bits MIDI BIT Max patch to trigger wav files

This is a patch for beginners to Max to get started reading the Little bits keyboard as MIDI information to trigger Wav files in M...

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