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Graduated from EWHA Woman's University with BA in Classical Music Composition in Korea and BFA in Fine Arts Painting at School of Visual Arts in NYC. In late 90s, I began started using computer as creative tool using Flash software. Worked as web designer then went to Interactive Telecommunicatio...more

Member Inventions

bubble bot makers!

Focus of our littleBis workshop is to experience the thinking process of designing a system with specific function in mind. In thi...

Hand Waving Cat

Depending on the pressure, the speed of hand shake will vary.

Happy Birthday with CAKEBOT!

We had littlebits birthday party workshop and made the Cakebot with littlebits using long LEDs and mic sensor bit.  We made i...

bitOlympics Fencing Match by Ryan!

Ryan wanted to make Fencing game player. Aftemaking one fencer, Rayan wated to make another one and have them play each ...

Twirling Gymnast by Nahyun

Nahyun made twirling gymnast with littleBits. She ended up spend too much time decorating her gymnast...but it is Simple but fun p...

Johan's Basket ball game!

Johan made basket ball game goal net that whenever the balls in, number adds up. We used bend sensor and a counter. 

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