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Hi everyone, My name is Edona and currently I'm in my last year of studies in electrical and computer engineering. I love software and app development, and currently I work as a mentor at BONEVET Makerspace in Gjakova, Kosovo. I love working with children and I feel responsible and highly passi...more

Member Inventions

litteBits 5th Birthday Party at BONEVET

This project is created by BONEVET makers to celebrate littleBits 5th birthday. It was a awsome and fun challenge for us. It broug...

bit TV

Looks like a normal TV but its made with bits. When the buttons from remote are pressed the remote trigger will be activated and t...


This project is made by little Adora, member at BONEVET. She loves music and since we got Makey bit shes all about music projects....

Tea Anyone? #ChainReaction

This chain reaction project is made to put a tea bag in a mug.

Dancing Ballerinas

Two dancing ballerinas dance under piano sound, by Servo Motor and the RGB LEDs lighten the scene. The player can make any music t...

Gymnastics02 BitOlympics event at BONEVET

This project is created by little makers on BitOlympics event at BONEVET Makerspace, where the game of gymnactics is dis...

This chapter has no upcoming events right now.

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