Chapter Leader

Fabrizio D'Amico

AKA VJHASH is a VJ / Interactive designer and project manager in the Technology, Media and Telecom domain. Founder of the

Member Inventions

Mom and dad go round and round

Merging disciplines and making them one allows for the development of inner creativity and outer invitation to do the same and cre...

El Taller - Meráki

La Casa - Meráki is the newest project of Meráki, an organization focused on human development and social innovation by driving t...

Easter Bonnet

For our six year old son's Easter Bonnet he wanted to use his Littlebits.  So he sat down to create some waggling rabbit ears...

Space Rocket!

Geronimo, a 5 year-old boy invented a super space rocket to go to Jupiter!

Logic Rhythm

This is an attempt at creating a musically interesting rhythmic loop using a sequencer and a number of logic bits. I hope you enjo...

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