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$99  ($165 value) 6 Modules / 2 Accessories

This kit includes the cloudBit plus 5 other favorite prototyping modules; everything you need to create internet-connected devices in seconds.

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$59 2 Modules / 1 Accessory

Perfect for those who already own littleBits modules. You’ll receive the cloudBit, usb power and a wall adapter.

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Internet-Connect Anything

Chicken Feed Monitoring

We built a simple project using a Cloud bit and the Little Bit slider to monitor how much food our chickens are eating, and if the food pail is empty.How It Works:Our chicken feeder hangs from a spring. The more food that is in the feeder, the heavier it is, so the further down it pulls the spring. When the feeder pulls down on the spring it also pulls down on a slide dimmer. A full feeder pulls the dimmer all the way down, and an empty feeder pushes the dimmer up to the top.The dimmer is connected to a cloudBit, so we can check the level of the feeder anytime, from anywhere. We can also use IFTTT to set up alarms to let us know when the feeder is getting close to empty.

Remote Pet Feeder

When away, make sure your pet (fish, cat, dog) never goes hungry with this WiFi-activated feeder. You can either feed your pet remotely by pressing the button in Cloud Control (on your phone or computer) or you can set up an automated feeding schedule through IFTTT (If this then that). IFTTT is a service that lets you connect to different web apps through simple conditional statements.How it works:Any time the feeder receives a signal through the cloudBit, the servo is activated. In our case, we attached a fish food container with a small hole drilled in its side to the servo. When the servo turns, a few pellets drop out of the container and into the bowl.You can activate the servo remotely in a couple different ways. You can either use the littleBits button in Cloud Control to send a single pulse to the cloudBit, activating the servo. Or, you could use an IFTTT channel, like Date Time to automate the feeding at times you set.

SMS Doorbell

Receive a text notification when someone rings your doorbell! Whether you are in the backyard gardening, over at the neighbors house, or listening to music at full blast, you will always know when someone is at your door. Install this littleBits doorbell outside your home, and never miss a ring. How it works: The button on the SMS doorbell sends a signal through the cloudBit to IFTTT, which is set (via the SMS channel) to send you a text message (i.e. Knock knock! Someone is at the door). IFTTT (If This Then That) is a service that lets you connect to different web apps through simple conditional statements.

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