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Are you ready for the greatest galactic geekout of all time? Invent your own droid, design your own ship, or put your own spin on a lightsaber, then recreate your favorite Star Wars scene.

Need some help getting started?

Use the Invention Cycle to get going:

Invention Cycle
CREATE: Brainstorm invention you will. Prototype you must.
Who is your favorite character? Design a gadget for them or recreate them with Bits. What is your favorite scene? How could you recreate it with Bits?

PLAY: Show your invention to another Jedi knight or Synth lord.
How do you want them to react? What kind of feedback do you want from them?

REMIX: Use your feedback to make your movie scene or invention even better.
What suggestions or ideas did they have? How can you incorporate them into your design?

SHARE: Make a video and share your masterpiece.
Create a walk-through of your invention or film a scene featuring your gadget. To submit to the challenge, upload your invention using the Invention Editor and click on "Bit Wars".

Are you an educator?

Check out these learning resources:

Submit to this challenge on your own time to level up your inventor skills!
Invent something the community loves and you might just get some awesome Bitster swag!

Bit Wars ran as a timed challenge from Nov to Dec 2015. Check out the winners here.
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How it Works

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Brainstorm ideas, then start building prototypes. Feeling stuck? Try using the Invention Cycle to get started.

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Create a video, GIF or photo showing your invention in action. How does it work? Why did you make it?

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Don't you want the world to see it? Share your invention. Submit it to the challenge! You could inspire the next inventor with your creation.