Meet The Makers: Arthur Sacek, Philip Verbeek & Hitoshi Takagaki

Creating incredible LEGO® projects using our new Brick Adapter
October 22, 2014

Meet the makers who are wow-ing us this week with their incredible creations using LEGO® and our brand new Brick Adapter. They join us all the way from The Netherlands, Japan and Brazil! Meet Arthur Sacek – @_sacek I am based in…. São Paulo, Brazil My maker superpower is persistence. Most of my inventions do not […]

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Introducing Community AWSM

A weekly collection of all the awesome projects and news from our community
October 17, 2014

HALLOWEEN #TRICKSWITHBITS We love getting all your #trickswithbits posts on our project page and our social. Keep ‘em coming. In the meantime, here are some of our favorites for the week. This Front Door Skeleton That Comes Alive Strobe Eyes Frankenstein And of course we are obsessing over this EPIC video featuring a Michael Jackson […]

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Meet The Makers from Vidcode and Jewliebots!

Meet some of the makers who inspire us with their superpowers and dreamBit ideas!
October 17, 2014

This week our meet the makers series travels outside our bit-iverse to talk with a few inspiring makers working on great projects. Meet them below! Meet Alexandra Diracles & Melissa Halfon @vidcode We are based in NYC. Our maker superpower is Vidcode! We built Vidcode, a web platform that lets you customize and edit videos […]

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Weekly Inspiration By Special Guest Becky Stern

Looking for the perfect Halloween costume? Get started with these 5 wearable electronics projects
October 13, 2014

Want to add electronics to your Halloween costume? Now’s the time to get building! Here are five projects from the Adafruit Learning System that you can build in time for the big spooky day. They’re ordered from most challenging to easiest, so you can choose the getup that best suits your schedule. Cortana suit from […]

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