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The servo Bit is something that we're really excited about – a controllable motor that can swing back and forth! It has two modes: in “Turn” mode, the input from other littleBits determines the position of the arm – try using a dimmer to set the angle you want. In “Swing” mode, the servo will move back and forth on its own – the input controls how fast it goes. Attach a flag to the arm to make a signaling machine!

Check out our Tips + Tricks for more ideas on using the servo! Happinessguarentee

Make it With the servo Module

Tracking Smart Art

Based off of TechnoChic's Smart Art, this example utilizes a bargraph LED to track progress on a group of daily goals/habits....

Cat Treat Dispenser with Cloudbit

Created a cat feeder that is activated by the  Cloudbit. Used old sippy cup with side hole and card board box.

Science: Ground Control project

Ground Control to Major Tom project built with a servo, dimmer, slide dimmer, LED, speaker and motor. Thanks to some grands! ...

Lights On!

I don't know about you, but I have trouble getting up in the morning. My alarm goes off, I slap it, and go back to sleep until my ...

The little Air Boat

The little Air Boat was a collaborative effort from our group of 5 people over the course of 2 hours to learn about littleBits, co...

Remote Pet Feeder

Based on the fish feeder I decided to build this prototype of cardboard, not too fancy but works like a charm, ....and my dog is p...


Perfect Additions to the servo Module

dc motor

The DC (or "Direct Current") motor rotates a shaft when you send it an ON signal. It even has a switch to set the direction of rot...

sound trigger

GENERAL DESCRIPTION The sound trigger listens to the noise level in your room, and sends an ON signal when it gets over a certain...


SHORT DESCRIPTION The button Bit is a classic: big, round and springy for comfortable pressing! Push to turn your creation on, an...

usb power

SHORT DESCRIPTIONThe USB power may be the smallest in the series, but it's big enough to send juice to all your creations. Connect...

Technical Specs

  • Dimensions (mm): 20.0(H) x 77.0(W) x 149.0(D)
  • Product Number: o11-SERVO
  • Product Weight: 0.04 lbs (0.02 kg)
  • Recommended Age: 8+
  • SKU: 650-0041
  • UPC: 859477003591