The Water Detection Module (or WaterBit) is used for detecting water leaks. The module interfaces to any pair of conductive strips, once water bridges these the strips, the WaterBit module outputs a 5V signal.

A 30cm (12 inch) length of moisture detection sensor tape is provided with this module. The sensor is made of two equally spaced flat stainless steel conductors connected to a peel and stick adhesive mylar capable of being adhered to any surface. The sensor can be cut, turn corners, spliced to additional tape sensors and reused!

- Dual audio jack supports up to two sensors connected to one module
- Option for potentiometer to adjust trigger level sensitivity.
- Custom tape lengths available up to 300 ft.
- Trigger level between 10Kohms and 20Kohms
- Current draw when triggered is 25 microamps making it excellent for battery operated applications
- Low current draw allows thousands of units to be joined together in series
- All inputs including tape sensor inputs have ESD protection

The following littlebits combination is all you need to make a simple water detection alarm. This combination is illustrated in the video.
Power.. WaterBit... Pulse... LED... Speaker

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  • [email protected] about 3 years ago

    This is super cool! you could do amazing things with the cloudbit!

  • Surfwaver almost 3 years ago

    that is so cool!!!! :-)

  • teetaert almost 3 years ago

    Look what we did with the WaterBit: Bathtub Monitoring

    • JackANDJude almost 3 years ago

      @teetaert This is a very good video demonstration. Can you add this to the project page? It will get more views and attention that way.

  • SMTresearch almost 3 years ago

    Check out the simple circuit using the WaterBit Module... Flood Detect and Auto-Drying Circuit.

  • waxmoose almost 3 years ago

    I'm surprised this is still a ways from 1000 votes. I'd like to suggest making an exception for moving it forward even if it doesn't make it. Seems like it would be a natural for the home automation kit. I've got a couple of flood/leak alarm jobs it could do. Any idea of what the retail price might be?

    • SMTresearch almost 3 years ago

      I'm going to try and make a push today to get in another 100+ votes. I'm not exactly sure how much littlebits will end up selling it for but I'm guessing it should retail in the $10 range.

  • JBBrickman almost 3 years ago

    i hope this gets added to the library itt has only 2 days left as of now

  • CDK2H almost 3 years ago

    Could you in some way connect a Grove Water Sensor to this one?

    • dailystore almost 2 years ago

      @CDK2H, I guess it cannot. It supports platform Raspberry PI and Arduino so we will need to have Arduino as communicator.

  • wizcomp150 over 2 years ago

    This is the module I have been looking for and am planning to design it myself. I would like to use it for students to design projects to be used in the school garden such as sending an email to alert when the rain barrel is running out of water, or when the soil is dry. I hope this module will be added to the littleBits collection.

  • foro over 1 year ago


  • foro over 1 year ago

    How do you vote?

  • pixxyman over 1 year ago

    Did this make it in?

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