Hey there! I’m Tatsuya Takahashi, chief analog engineer at Korg. The LFO or Low Frequency Oscillator module was designed alongside the littleBits Synth Kit but didn’t make it into the final kit configuration. We thought we would see if people would be interested in it, and thus have submitted it here to the bitLab!

The LFO is an oscillator module that allows you to make slow sweeping changes to sound parameters in the synth kit or with other littleBits modules. You can control the following parameters directly on the module:

-Rate/Frequency knob (speed of oscillation)
-Waveshape control knob (change the duty cycle of a pulse wave or morph a sawtooth to triangle to ramp waveform)
-Waveform selection switch (select triangle/saw or pulse waveform)

The input of the module controls the amplitude of the LFO. We’ve also included an LED on board to help show the rate of oscillation.

Need some circuit ideas? Watch the video to see the LFO in action!!

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  • alphatotoro about 2 years ago

    April is shaping up t be a lovely month for LittleBits synth fans-- Thank you, Korg and LittleBits!

  • steveghee about 2 years ago

    Really hope this one comes to light. Essential piece of kit for synths.

  • bradford about 2 years ago

    Please, please, PLEASE make this. This is a VITAL missing link to making the Korg LittleBits synth something with longevity and desirability for musicians. Please make this! I will pay anything to have this feature in my three synth kits!!!

  • luigi about 2 years ago

    You guys have to make this! Make this one and keep churning out korg bits for this format!!!

  • tapstep about 2 years ago

    pingable LFO function. Request.

    • luigi about 2 years ago

      I 2nd this!!!

  • luigi about 2 years ago

    shouldn't input designate frequency... not amplitude?

    • paul_littleBits about 2 years ago

      Hi luigi, it's something we've discussed. Frequency vs. amplitude as the control input. We're open to feedback so everyone can feel free to post what they think is most useful.

    • Lushr about 2 years ago

      I agree, LFO amplitude is only half the story, frequency tends to be more interesting and dramatic in effect. Ideally I'd want both, one of each.

  • Lushr about 2 years ago

    This is the component that for me makes little bits compelling. I understand basic synthesis, but I've always gotten stuck at modulation, the strength of little bits is the ability to experiment and educate yourself. It's is the most modular synth you can get! With LFO I can really start to test and experiment with how LFO interacts with other modules, and other LFOs. This would push me to the next level of synthesis!

  • bradford about 2 years ago

    I need to add some expressiveness to my playing and I think this would be just the ticket. Put the word out to vote, fellow Bitheads!

  • robotboot about 2 years ago

    more synth stuff!!!!!!

  • sarr-duch about 2 years ago

    Frequency control ! Please...

    • sarr-duch about 2 years ago

      And maybe pingable...?

  • luigi about 2 years ago

    maybe even...have a switch for amplitude or frequency? Both would make this amazing... and pingable! Meaning... trigger in would essentially be a wave reset right guys? :)

  • willbunt7 about 2 years ago

    this new bit is awsome but sigh i dont and i am new here

  • MitchGtz about 2 years ago

    It would be a very welcome addition, I'm surprised it wasn't originally released.

  • luigi about 2 years ago

    we'll need a ADSR after this one and a propper ring mod ;)

  • Seymour Clufley about 2 years ago

    It needs two bitsnaps along the top side - one for frequency, one for amplitude - with the left being purely for the incoming audio. This would make it work like the filter module, except better since the filter module doesn't have a bitsnap for resonance.

    • luigi about 2 years ago

      EXACTLY!!! Korg, please listen to Seymour! :)

  • grenert about 2 years ago

    Definitely want to control both amplitude and frequency!

  • bradford about 2 years ago

    Voting is stalled, guys. spread the word on your synth forum.

    • luigi almost 2 years ago

      reached out to my circle of modular synth peeps and got us about 100 votes overnight!!!

  • Sleet2 almost 2 years ago

    Put me down for three. Please

    • luigi almost 2 years ago

      Right there with you... 3 for me as well (for now)

  • bradford almost 2 years ago

    You're the man, Luigi! Thanks!!

  • jkpeters37 almost 2 years ago

    What's an analog synth without an LFO?!

    • luigi almost 2 years ago


  • Thomen42 almost 2 years ago

    New to LittleBits but have been playing with synthesizers off and on since '70s. Fiirst one was a Korg MS10 in fact. Signed up so I could vote for this. Gotta have an LFO to do some of the coolest stuff! Based on what I've seen so far, Seymore Clufley has it about right ;^)

  • av almost 2 years ago


  • Shepherd Jim almost 2 years ago

    I have a room full of young people (

  • Ritchie_8499 almost 2 years ago

    COME ON!!! We NEED This!!!

  • luigi almost 2 years ago


  • nova almost 2 years ago

    I am obsessed with littleBits since I got my synthkit... please KORG give us this LFO (and everything else) :-) to let us build our modular synth :-) nova*

  • Ivanivanov almost 2 years ago

    Littlebits synth would benefit greatly from this module, please make it!

  • Mhawk over 1 year ago

    How do I vote for this?

  • midimike over 1 year ago

    A real no brainer- please add.

    What other modules did not make it to the kit? I think many of us would be interested. Thanks littleBits and Korg!

  • chalkjockey over 1 year ago

    Where can I add this to my cart? I mean, like, now!

  • rcon303 over 1 year ago

    the price

  • wormsofthee4rth over 1 year ago

    Just got my synth kit last week, love it so far but it needs a dedicated LFO module for sure!! Would/will absolutely buy this

  • Eric Fisher over 1 year ago

    I want one.

  • tuckerist over 1 year ago

    Yes please.

  • tuckerist over 1 year ago

    Yes please.

  • Professor7 over 1 year ago

    Cool! I want this too! Hope it comes out soon or the folks at LittleBits education give me one to play with! (;hint hint;)
    Thanks Tats! Much respect - I love all my Korg synth stuff!

  • Scott F. Thompson over 1 year ago

    I like how it's smaller, The tuning thing on the other osc is pretty useless for me anyway. This was stopped because it was to digital before, really hope you were able to keep this one analog here. or at least keep the analog style of sound. It better be an audible oscillator as well..... Maybe it has been posted before, but I think every bit should have a push button pot for extra controls, for those of us who build these things into cases it's impossible to access the tiny switches.

  • Scott F. Thompson over 1 year ago

    I like how it's smaller, The tuning thing on the other osc is pretty useless for me anyway. This was stopped because it was to digital before, really hope you were able to keep this one analog here. or at least keep the analog style of sound. It better be an audible oscillator as well..... Maybe it has been posted before, but I think every bit should have a push button pot for extra controls, for those of us who build these things into cases it's impossible to access the tiny switches.

  • Robert_5446 over 1 year ago

    I would also purchase a couple of these if made available.

  • Progenitor over 1 year ago

    I've been using one of the oscillators to modulate the filter and envelope. It works ok but the sharp increase at the end of the ramp down isn't that musical when using very slow modulation. Being able to continuously adjust to a true triangle and everything in between would be awesome. I was thinking about adding the cv module to at least run a true LFO from my Eurorack setup, or even getting crazy and using some of the other modules to get a smoother modulation source.

  • Breakalime over 1 year ago

    Love it. I'd buy two.

  • Professor7 about 1 year ago


    What's up with this module?
    Can't wait to try one!

    Luv Ya!


  • golan about 1 year ago

    This bit has been in review for a YEAR. I have messaged @littlebits three times on Twitter asking the status, and haven't received a reply. What's the deal?

  • doublebo about 1 year ago

    please make it.

  • JungleMindState about 1 year ago

    Still waiting. :(

  • Mantis62 12 months ago

    Almost what I am looking for! I need a low cost variable LFO that gives an AC type wave output (saw square or sine from DC) at say + or - 12V. (24V input). I need one initially to test my invention and if it works I will be back for many MILLION more..

  • max3636 12 months ago

    Does anyone know the status of this bit..?
    Loosing interest.

  • Petit Fred 10 months ago

    Please, +4 with me.

  • wwslavin 10 months ago

    Is this still under development? Can I vote for it?

  • zzoneman 10 months ago

    This LFO sure is needed. Please finish development and put in production. Thnx for all your good stuff!

  • sarcher1228 10 months ago

    An LFO would be a great addition!

  • wradcliffe 9 months ago

    I also am surprised that this was not in the original kit and am eager to have it. What is happening?

  • document 9 months ago

    This is a must have. Time to get it out of "review" and into production!

  • joanlingz 9 months ago

    Man, STILL no LFO? I need a few of these!

  • thomasbhacker 8 months ago

    The synth kit is a great way to get a small sense of what it's like to use a real modular synthesizer. The LFO bit is crucial missing piece of this particular puzzle. The synth kit may look like a child's toy instrument, but it doesn't sound like one. It has inspired me to eventually expand my already considerable collection of synthesizers with a small
    Euro-rack instrument that will eventually become a massive modular system. A bit that allows audio and CV I/O connections could become and entry level modular foundation for others.
    The Moog Mother 32 and the Arturia Microbrute are two the current gateway instruments into the modular world. The LB synth kit could make that world bigger with just a couple of more pieces.
    The interconnection cables could also be reconfigured to allow audio signals to and from other devices with some minor modifications.
    For now........LFO, LFO, LFO, LFO, LFO.....................

  • davkt 7 months ago

    So how long does a review take?

  • MT 7 months ago

    Enough review! Please make this.

  • ellinglien 6 months ago

    Woo! This needs to happen! :)

  • Fabrizio D'Amico 6 months ago

    Please Please make it !!! can't wait anymore ....

  • Jaydeebe 6 months ago

    Status update please. Have been waiting too long for this

  • joanlingz 5 months ago

    LFO, please. Maybe we should increase the frequency of our requests? Then increase the amplitude?

  • ExnuX 5 months ago

    Please put this in production!

  • hamsterfactor 5 months ago


  • ExnuX 4 months ago

    Please give us an update

  • themilford 4 months ago

    Sure would like to add this to our kit... maybe two.

  • benhehir 3 months ago

    Want! Please tell me this is still on the cards!

  • Jeff Bragg 3 months ago

    Hi everyone, I've been bugging littleBits for an LFO since (synth?) I first got the kit. As a former synth instructor (UVA) and professional, I agree that this Bit is long overdue. The joystick is also a Bit that I've been long lobbying for, but how about these.....

    Lag processor
    3, 4 channel mixer
    VCHigh pass or multimode filter

    These item would bring our beloved KORG littleBits synth to whole new levels.

    How about it folks?

  • exploringsenses 22 days ago

    Please release the LFO filter for sale thanks: )

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