motorMate works with the DC motor. This makes it easy to attach wheels, paper, cardboard, and lots of other materials to the DC motor. Simply slide it on the “D” shape of the shaft. A LEGO™ axle also fits in the end.

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Make it With the motorMate

Mr. Snail Task Remover Contraption, #chainreaction

Our littlest bitsters (ages 5-6) took on the arduous Rube Goldberg challenge and sought to create a complex machine to remove a ta...

Leprechaun Trap 1

Students used geometric math formulas to construct their trap then used little bits to engineer their project. Watch the net drop ...

Monster artBot

littleBits artBot with Monster Truck wheel!

Click- Click- Clicker 2000 #ChainReaction

In class, we invented a contraption that will click a pen open with a series of steps. It's called the "Click - Click - Clicker 20...


This lesson reviews Newton’s laws of motion and gives students the design freedom to build their race cars using littleBits as th...

littleBits Caterpillar, S. Bakal - Science Teacher

Encompassing science and literacy, this very cute and hungry caterpillar can be an extension to your Lifecycle of the Butterfly le...

Perfect Additions to the motorMate

Brick Adapter

The Brick Adapter enables you to easily snap littleBits modules to LEGO® bricks. Each pack comes with brick adapter studs and sock...

dc motor
Out of Stock

The DC (or "Direct Current") motor rotates a shaft when you send it an ON signal. It even has a switch to set the direction of rot...


Secure your circuit with our shoes! Simply snap together your littleBits circuit, press the feet of your modules into the holes of...

battery + cable

This package contains a 9v alkaline battery and a cable to connect it to the power Bit. Connect it up and then flip the switch to ...

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