Brick Adapter

Brick Adapter



The Brick Adapter enables you to easily snap littleBits modules to LEGO® bricks. Each pack comes with brick adapter studs and sockets.

With brick adapter studs, your littleBits’ modules will defy gravity! Simply snap adapter underneath your bricks and press the feet of your littleBits’ modules into place.

With brick adapter sockets, you can mount your littleBits’ modules on top of LEGO® bricks. Simply snap the adapter on your bricks, and press the feet of your littleBits’ modules into place.

  • includes 8 adapters [4 studs and 4 sockets] to fit up to 24 modules
  • littleBits modules can be adhered on top or below adapter
  • instantly add light, sound and motion to any creation
  • build your own LEGO® robotics or motor driven vehicle and much more

    Check out our Tips and Tricks for more!

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    Tips & Tricks

    Tips & Tricks
    Tips & Tricks: littleBits + Lego®

    Now you can connect littleBits to LEGO®! With the Brick Adapter and motorMate, we’ve made it easy for you to integrate the two sys...

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    Technical Specs

    • Dimensions (mm): 9.5(H) x 19.0(W) x 2.5(D)
    • Product Number: 660-0015-0000A
    • Product Weight: 0.22 lbs (0.1 kg)
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    • SKU: 660-0015-0000A
    • UPC: 810876020558
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