battery + cable

battery + cable



This package contains a 9v alkaline battery and a cable to connect it to the power Bit. Connect it up and then flip the switch to power all of your creations!

Note: This product is designed for use with the power Bit, and won't work with the USB or coin battery Bits! Happinessguarentee d258fab674092cd0ce1248f6a918423e613f26ccccbd802ef0e9533054ca733b

Make it With the battery + cable

The Fabulous littleMakey GIFbox

Build a littleBits circuit along with Makey Makey to help you make your own animated GIFs! It's a simple and quick to make circuit...

Mouth Beeper (Challenge #6 #NationOfMakers)

Wearable that uses a mouth activated pressure sensor to make squeaking noises.

Buzzy Buzzy 64 (Challenge #6 #NationOfMakers)

Hat mounted LittleBits instrument that buzzes when you blow on it really hard.

Family Drumming Cacophony (Challenge #1 #NationOfMakers)

4 LittleBits drum machines running together, the Can Whacker, Annoying Buzzer, Bottle Banger, and Toothpick Snapper.

Perfect Additions to the battery + cable


This power module lets you use a 9 volt battery to supply electricity to your littleBits. To make the simplest littleBits circuit,...


motorMate works with the DC motor. This makes it easy to attach wheels, paper, cardboard, and lots of other materials to the DC mo...

USB Power Adapter + Cable

This power adapter and USB cable combo is the perfect way to power permanent creations! Simply connect the cable from the wall ad...


The wire Bit is just what it sounds like - it allows you to physically separate your Bits. Try it whenever you need to break up yo...

Technical Specs

  • Dimensions (mm): 77.0(H) x 50.0(W) x 102.0(D)
  • Product Number: BIT-BATT
  • Product Weight: 0.07 lbs (0.03 kg)
  • Recommended Age: 8+
  • SKU: 660-0006-0000A
  • UPC: 859477003904