8 out-of-this-world Star Wars inventions

The inventor strikes back.

May 1, 2017

Greetings, Bitsters! We’re psyched to celebrate May the 4th with you. If you love Star Wars just as much as we do, then you and your budding engineer can celebrate by making some space-themed inventions from one of our favorite films. And, if you’re an educator or librarian, you’ll also want to check out this round-up of Star Wars-themed lessons and activities.

Check out these 8 inventions for some major inspiration.

1. C3PO

Build your own C3PO sidekick – he’s got your back and will help you save the universe. And, this celestial buddy is also made out of recyclable materials.

2. IR-controlled BB8

Take your BB8 to the next level and then you’ll be ready to use the Force.

3. Lightsaber

Engineer your own lightsaber and prepare to battle the dark side!

4. R2D2 Bitbot

You can’t celebrate May the 4th without building your own R2D2. This little bot will accompany you through space.

5. Droid

Create these droids and help the rebels defeat the Siths.

6. Princess Leia Zoetrope

Hack your own zoetrope of the Star Wars Episode IV scene of the looping hologram of Princess Leia requesting Obi Wan Kenobe’s help.

7. Sith meets LEGOs

Awaken your circuits! Make a device that helps your LEGO Siths and rebels open doors.

8. Tauntaun Marionette

You’re wandering the desert with O-Bit Wan Kenobi and what you stumble across? A Tauntaun! Make it move with Bits.

Stephanie Valente
Content Manager