7 Star Wars STEAM projects for the classroom

May the 4th be with you.

May 1, 2017

This week, we’re thinking about traveling in space. We’re thinking about otherworldly inventions and saving the world. This week, we’re celebrating all things related to Star Wars. There’s so much you can do to add the force and the power of invention to your classroom or makerspace. From lesson plans to unit projects and STEAM-powered art, you can empower your students with STEM/STEAM and the magical power of Star Wars.

1. Create Death Star art and make it move.

Add a Star Wars themed template and make it move with the Rule Your Room Kit. It’s a poster that’s out of this world.

2. Explore the Imperial March and build your own beats.

Give your students some major music theory knowledge and then they can play the infamous Imperial March with our Synth Kit. How cool is that?

3. Play a Stormtrooper dice game and mix in Arduino.

Of course you can play games in class! But, up the ante a little bit. Take board games to another level with arduino and you can start coding your own games or modding them. Also, if you’re teaching pods of kids to code at once, mix in this game with our littleBits Code Kit (ships in June 2017).

4. Invent your own lightsaber.

Your class will FLIP over this activity. Use the cloudBit and papercrafts to power up your very own lightsaber. Oh, and then you can control it wirelessly and make it move, too!

5. Try out a close reading passage with tech.

Students will read and re-read passages of a text to strengthen their literacy skills and gain meaning from a text. With younger learners this is a teacher-guided assignment, but also works for more independent learners for individual tasks or pairs.

You can add a littleBits invention to this activity such as a book light and reading timer to make individual and partner work engaging.

6. Design Star Wars learning station activities with the Steam Student Set.

Are you looking to mix and match a bunch of different activities in one class period? Add in these activities at various collaborative learning stations and Bitify the lessons with our Steam Student Set. Your students will be using their imaginations and inventing in no time flat.

7. Add a writing prompt to your invention adventure.

Did your budding engineers just hack a new droid? Or, perhaps they navigated an astronomy lesson with the Steam Student Set. Add some writing prompts to your lessons for journals prompts and exit tickets.

Stephanie Valente
Content Manager